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I have a passion for quality food, drinks, and culinary experiences. No matter where I go, I try to find unforgettable restaurants, cafés, and bars. From five star places to hole in the wall diners, I love helping others eat their way through their travels.

Get to know me

Where did your love of food come from?

From a young age, my parents exposed me to different restaurants and culinary experiences. My palate only further developed during my first trip overseas in middle school to the Czech Republic, Germany, and France, where I was introduced to new cuisines. From then, I was hooked on tasting and experiencing all that I could!


How did your food blog start?

During my travels in Australia and the Philippines in 2016, I was posting a lot of food pictures to my personal social media. One of my brothers reached out and said I should start a separate page, so thus my food blog was born. Not to mention, it was a great outlet to consolidate all my restaurant recommendations because I was always known with family and friends as the go-to person for culinary suggestions. 

What's one of the coolest culinary experiences you've had?

It's hard to narrow it down, but one that's high on the list is taking a snowcat up 1,800 feet of ski slopes, while it snowed, to a small yurt restaurant at the top of a mountain in Utah to enjoy a six course dinner. 

What's the most unique thing you've eaten?

I always make it a point to try something at least once, so I've had a lot of unique dishes over the years. Standouts include Filipino Balut (fertilized duck egg), Australian crocodile, and Icelandic horse.

When you get the menu, what's something you'll always order?

More often than not, I will always go for the duck dish. I am also a sucker for some good raw oysters or anything truffle. And if there's a drink with Aperol in it or a cannoli on the menu, you bet I'm ordering it!


Do you have a favorite place you've traveled to?

So many places have my heart, but I'd have to say that for the friendliness of the people, the quality of life, and the gorgeous scenery I'd go with either Denmark or Switzerland. I'd love to retire in the Swiss mountains among bell-adorned cows.

Happy eating!

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In my little space of the internet, I reject racism, xenophobia, transphobia, and homophobia. Food and wanderlust are universal.

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