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Best Place Custom Itineraries

The first step in turning your day, trip, or adventure into a culinary experience is by sharing the details with me!

Interested in a custom itinerary? Get started by filling out the form below. I'll review it, start brainstorming, and reach out to you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Depending on the extent of your trip, please make sure you try and provide no less than two month's advance when it comes to custom itineraries (tasty perfection shouldn't be rushed).

The details

Where are you going? What types of restaurants and experiences are you looking for? Give me the details, so I can take the research hassle off of you for your next trip or adventure.


Get a personalized trip — a day by day itinerary based on your culinary preferences — or personalized self-guided suggestions. I can help you satiate your craving for new experiences, introduce you to local gastronomy, and tailor culinary destinations to fit your desired vibe and taste.


Let me be your personal concierge and help make your reservations, so all you have to do is show up with an appetite for tasty food or a good time.


Before you get started, what to know about the location selections in the form below:

  • Set location designations are cities I know very well, so your itinerary will be based on personal recommendations that I've visited myself.

  • The custom destination designation allows you to tell me where you're headed  while I may or may not have explored this location, I can do the leg work for you and come up with recommendations backed by extensive research, expertise, and connections. 

Itinerary Inquiry

Thanks for your interest!

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