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Turkey Day Wine Pairings with Certified Wino

With so many main course and side dish options for Thanksgiving, it can be hard to know where to turn when it comes to picking the best wine(s) for the table. But have no fear, I asked Brion of Certified Wino to give his take on the best pairings for the most popular Thanksgiving dishes.

Check out these awesome wines and what makes them so great when it comes to each dish! If one (or more) strikes your interest, go visit Brion at Assorted Table at the Market at 7th Street in uptown Charlotte just in time for the holiday.

Honey Baked Ham | Quinta de Chocapalha Castelao $16.99

Fun, super nerdy, and appropriately crushable, this unique red varietal screams of warm cherry preserves on the palate without feeling too decadent. The developed fruit structure on the wine will play beautifully with the salty-sweet ham. 

Fried Turkey | NV Jacquart Mosaique Brut Champagne $49.99

We love a Champagne under $100 that lives up to the hype associated with the region. Notes of dried mangoes and other tropical fruits veer into a vibrant acidity on the palate in this sparkling. The brightness of the Champagne will give some much needed levity to turkey of the deep-fried variety. This beautiful Champagne will be making an appearance at the upcoming Big Table Series event alongside some other bubbles!

PRO TIP: don't drink while frying your bird, please!

Stovetop Stuffing | Castello di Nieve Barbera $26.99 

Barbera, aka the poor man's Pinot Noir, drinks amazing almost no matter what price point you secure it at. This is a lighter style red known for its acidity and flavors of dried herbs and cranberry. A hearty stuffing loaded with herbs (fresh or dried) will see a lock-and-key combo when paired with Barbera. Throw in some ground sausage for even more fun as Barbera has enough acid to back it up! 

Pecan Pie | Domaine Pierre Rougon $13.99 

There are two camps when it comes to dessert pairings: use something equally as sweet or not sweet at all. I'm going the equally as sweet route with this Muscat vin de Beaune as your pairing for pecan pie. It's a dessert wine high in alcohol and acidity, which allows it to not come across cloyingly sweet. The custard and crunchy topping of your pecan pie will thank you for introducing this partner! 

Sweet Potato Casserole | Hyland Estates Old Vine Gewurztraminer $21.99

We love a fluffy sweet potato casserole! No matter what style you choose to craft, savory or sweet, Hyland Estates Old Vine Gewurztraminer will make for a tantalizing pairing. Notes of ginger and a kiss of sweetness will amplify the baking spice tones within the casserole, while also balancing the creaminess on the palate.  

Cranberry Sauce | COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria $36.99 

Cranberry sauce is known for being, technically, un-pairable during the holiday season, but high acid reds tend to work relatively well. This Sicilian red blend of Nero d'Avola & Frappato is chock full of minerality due to the volcanic soils the grapes are grown in. The palate is littered with bright red fruits and a persistent acidity that will help you get through multiple plates of turkey loaded with cranberry sauce! 

So which wine will be making its way to your table?!

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